Contractors of All Types Build Their Future With Our Relationship Marketing System

gFour Marketing’s done-for-you Relationship Marketing System was purpose-built for the home improvement and home services industry because we all have the most to gain from awesome relationships with our customers.

We are a great fit for home pros like these:

Replacement Contractors


Home Services

Exterior Contractors

Bath Systems

HVAC Service


Basement Companies


Gutter Professionals

Waterproofing Contractors


Siding Contractors

Closet Companies


Window & Door Installers

Concrete & Hardscape

Landscape Companies

Flooring Companies

Fence & Deck Contractors

Solar Companies

Cabinetry Companies

Sunroom Installers

Garage Companies

We Come From Home Improvement

We started our entrepreneurial life in home improvement businesses. So, we aren’t a marketing “agency” that found the home improvement industry. Instead, we are home improvement entrepreneurs helping other companies with the marketing strategies that made our businesses successful.

Since 2009, gFour Marketing has been the secret back-office relationship marketing team for hundreds of home improvement companies that have revolutionized their businesses by nurturing customer relationships on autopilot.

The ROI has been absolutely huge

Once we figured out what it would cost us to hire a person and fulfill the production/mailing, we realized that gFour could do it better than we could for about 1/3 of the cost. We’ve never written as many referral checks as we have since starting the gFour program. It’s really bringing down our overall lead costs.

Steve Thompson
Centurion Exteriors

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