Customer Appreciation: The Most Overlooked Marketing Strategy

Raving Fans are created, not born! We emphasize the importance of appreciating your customers, knowing that the cost of retaining an existing customer customer is MUCH LESS than acquiring a new customer. Our Proven Relationship Marketing System turns your satisfied customers into RAVING FANS, who then supercharge your growth and lower your lead cost!

Customer Appreciation Works!

An impressive 87% of businesses in the home improvements industry experienced a significant surge in customer loyalty and repeat business when adopting a robust Relationship Marketing strategy.  Let gFour put our proven Relationship Marketing System to work for you and start showing your clients the appreciation they deserve!

Who Doesn’t Love A Treat?

Imagine the impact of fresh cookies delivered to your customer’s doorstep after a job well done. In an era of digital overload, this thoughtful gesture creates a lasting impression, highlighting your exceptional service and sincere appreciation.

Each of our cookie appreciation packages is: 

  1. Customized to YOUR brand
  2. Personalized to YOUR customer
  3. Small batch, all-natural & delicious cookies
  4. Included with a Thank You and feedback request card
  5. Outfitted with a plastic “bounce back” gift card
  6. Sent with Priority 2-day Mail to ensure freshness

Turn Ordinary Customers into Raving Fans

At gFour, we have a proven process to turn ordinary customers into raving fans, ensuring each feels valued through tailored interactions. Our approach boosts 5-Star reviews, referrals, and repeat business, enhancing local brand reputation and client relationships. Experience the gFour difference, where creating raving fans and building customer relationships are our mission.

The Power of Appreciation

At gFour, we help you go above and beyond to make your customers feel deeply appreciated. This not only reinforces your bond with customers but also elevates their experience beyond expectations. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to:

  • Share their experience with other people (word of mouth)
  • Post a 5-Star review
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy from you again

And if nothing else, you said thank you after the job is complete.

Boost Repeat and Referral Business

Create highly personalized, automated, and meaningful experiences to connect deeply with your customers after the job is complete and drive more ROI of your marketing dollars. Our client-first approach ensures excellence, offering personalized gifts and custom packages, including a referral rewards program that transforms your customers into raving fans.


Don’t leave leads on the table. Our proven formula supercharges 5-Star reviews, referrals and repeat customers.

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