Referral Rewards Keep Them Coming Back

Referrals are like golden tickets to trusted services, acting as a powerful currency in the business world. With gFour’s expertise, creating a dynamic referral rewards program becomes a breeze, transforming satisfied customers into enthusiastic ambassadors and turning warm leads into glowing successes.

The Power of Referrals

Referred customers in the home services industry have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred ones, highlighting the importance of referral generation. Referrals bring trust, lower costs, and greater loyalty, making them key to business growth.  Put gFour to work for your business and get the advantage you deserve!

Want Quality Leads? Seek Quality Referrals.

Implementing a referral rewards program significantly boosts business growth by enhancing customer loyalty and turning satisfied clients into brand advocates. This strategy is effective because:

  • Referral leads typically have a high conversion rate of 40-60%.
  • They leverage trust, making upselling easier.
  • Their acquisition cost is much lower than paid advertising channels.
  • They are high-quality, trusted leads, promoting organic growth.

Unlock the Power of Customer Referrals

Despite 83% of customers being willing to refer, only 29% do so, often forgetting amidst daily distractions. gFour Marketing addresses this by offering incentives that motivate customers to actively refer your business, significantly increasing referral rates by making the process simple and memorable.

It’s Simple: More Referrals = More Raving Fans

Rewarding customers for referrals can generate even more referrals, emphasizing that consistent recognition is key, rather than the specific reward. Our incentives for encouraging your customers to widely recommend your services include:

✓ Customized Program to YOUR Company
✓ Branded Referral Leave-Behind Materials
✓ Bounce Back Gift Cards for Referrals
✓ Unique Microsite to Input & Track Referrals
✓ Quarterly Referral Prize Drawings

Boy Oh Boy, Who Doesn’t Love A Reward?

We know how troublesome it can be to start a new referral reward program. gFour’s proven, done-for-you Relationship Marketing System will take that trouble out of your hair and ensure that your referral reward program fits perfectly with your business and customers.


Don’t leave leads on the table. Our proven formula supercharges 5-Star reviews, referrals and repeat customers.

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