Keep in Touch and Top of Mind 

If you lack a long-term nurture strategy, you’re likely missing out on referrals, repeat business, and stronger customer relationships. Without active efforts to remain memorable, clients quickly forget you—gFour specializes in ensuring they don’t by maintaining and enhancing your customer relationships for you.

Nurture To Drive Results

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%. This emphasizes the value of investing in existing customer relationships through personalized communication, quality service, and follow-up support.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Regular engagement through captivating content in newsletters and direct mail campaigns by our marketing experts keeps your services memorable, ensuring you stay the first choice for customers. This strategy:

  • Increases repeat business and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Continues to generate referrals, reviews, and sales.
  • Reduces costs with consistent content creation.
  • Boosts brand presence and trust through engaging storytelling and success stories.

gFour Gives Your Customers a Reason to Think of You First

gFour harnesses traditional strategies to achieve unparalleled outcomes. Our secret? Valuing the impactful potency of direct mail.

  • Over 70% of consumers prefer traditional mail for cold, unsolicited offers
  • The average household receives 121 emails per day but only 2 pieces of mail
  • 98% of people check their mail daily
  • 67% of marketers say that Direct Mail is their highest ROI

Sell Your Audiences Where They Aren’t Getting Spammed  

Tangible marketing stands out by reaching customers directly in their mailboxes, avoiding the clutter and competition of digital spam. A creative quarterly newsletter can effectively showcase your promotions, engaging personality, and high-quality work, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential long-term leads.

Nurture Your Champions

We nurture your champions.
They boost your brand reputation.
You close more sales, easier.

gFour is the only done-for-you relationship marketing system that helps home improvements and home services contractors nurture their customers to boost long-term revenue and relationships. Don’t wait — show your customers you care today.


Don’t leave leads on the table. Our proven formula supercharges 5-Star reviews, referrals and repeat customers.

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